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Megan Neitling





Megan Neitling is a Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Sexologist, and Sex Educator working in Carmel, Indiana.


 Megan attended Indiana State University where she obtained a Master’s in Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University where she majored in Sociology and minored in Women’s Studies. Megan is currently a PhD student studying Human Sexuality at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.



Treatment & Services

Megan works with adolescents, adults, families, couples, and partners.


Megan provides services for Mental Health concerns. She specializes in providing Sex Therapy and Sex Education.


She believes anyone seeking support deserves accurate and comprehensive information.


Megan works with clients to treat various issues or concerns.


Clients may seek treatment for: Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorders, LGBTQIAP Issues, Premarital & Marital Counseling, Multi-Partner & Non-Monogamous Relationships, Comprehensive Sexual Education, Desire Concerns, BDSM & Kink, Arousal Concerns, Erectile Issues, Ejaculatory Concerns, Infidelity, Infertility, Orgasm Concerns, Painful Sex [Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Vulvar Vestibulitis, & Phimosis] , Sex Workers, Out of Control Sexual Behavior [Porn Addiction & Sex Addiction], and more.


What is a Clinical Sexolgoist? 


A Clinical Sexologist is a term for a Mental Health Clinician that specializes or practices within the field of Human Sexuality and Gender. Megan has received extensive education, training, and supervision.


What is Sex Therapy?


Sex Therapy is a specialty within Psychotherapy and Mental Health which focuses on the treatment of concerns related to Human Sexuality and Gender.


Megan will use Sex Therapy to help you discuss and find solutions to the issues or concerns you are experiencing. Clients will collaborate with Megan to create a specific treatment plan to meet your goals. Megan may refer you to other specialists to assist in your treatment.


Treatment often involves the use of books, video, photographs, diagrams, or models to assist a clients during their treatment. Often, during Sex Therapy, homework will be assigned for the individual or partner(s) to use at home. Homework can vary in the level of communication and touch, either with oneself or with their partner(s).


There will never be any form of physical contact, on site or off site, between clients and Megan. No video or audio recording will be permitted during Sex Therapy or Psychotherapy sessions.

Email Megan through Psychology Today [Link Below] to schedule your appointment or schedule a brief phone consultation.

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Thursday: 8 am to 8 pm

Friday: 8 am to 8 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm


Payment Methods Accepted

Megan accepts the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Check, Cash, & Health Savings Account (HSA).


Insurance Information

Megan is currently accepting clients with Optum [United Health Care] or Anthem [Blue Cross and Blue Shield].

Clients who wish to use their insurance for therapy sessions will need to contact their insurance provider to verify they have mental health coverage & benefits for outpatient mental health services. Clients will need to verify they have coverage for both individual therapy and family therapy. Clients must know if their insurance requires a pre-authorization prior to therapy. Clients must know if their plan has a limit on the number of sessions covered per year.

Please also be advised, clients are responsible for knowing if their insurance plan has a deductible or copay. Payments are due at the end of each session. Clients are liable for all accrued fees.


Sliding Fee Scale

Megan feels everyone deserves access to mental health care and specialized treatment. Therefore, Megan reserves a set amount of sliding fee scale sessions for self-pay clients. However, sessions are limited. Please contact Megan for more information.