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How Did We Get Here?

When we find ourselves in committed relationships in which we are no longer happy, especially if it has lasted a long time, we often ask ourselves the question, how did we get here? For those of us lucky enough to experience that high of infatuation or “feeling in love” in the first stages of a […]

What is a Touchstone?

A “touchstone” is a figurative standard of value or quality against which something is measured. The word comes from ancient times when a special stone was used to guard against counterfeit money. The gold or silver content of coins wasn’t well governed, so phony money was often mixed with other metals and passed off as […]


According to Elizabeth Dickenson, LCSW, of all the research that has been done on couples, by far the most thorough has been that of John Gottman, a Seattle-based researcher, clinician and former mathematician. Dickenson cites that he was recently chosen as one of the top 10 most influential therapists of the past quarter century based […]

Belonging vs. Fitting In

“Fitting In” There are many of us, both adults and kids alike, that spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy trying to gain acceptance from others whose approval we desire. Many times these efforts cause individuals to be less then their true selves in some instances and in more extreme cases completely abandoning self […]

Discipline vs. Child Abuse

The NFL has had a rash of controversial issues in recent weeks from domestic abuse with the Ray Rice elevator incident to the most recent issue with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson child abuse controversy. This begs the question as to what place violence has in our society at addressing conflict, demonstrating discipline, and […]

Do I really need counseling? I’ve got my problems under control…

Life changes and challenging times happen to all of us. Sure, you’ve gotten through things fine in the past, or have you? What lingering questions and concerns do you have beneath the surface? When you find yourself in need of extra support, finding the right therapist can supplement your life in a very positive way! Consider […]

Can therapy help me?

Making the decision to find a therapist is a very personal process…a process that often requires internal speculation and self-honesty. Perhaps you are seeking counseling for your marriage, help dealing with grief, or are struggling with management of your anger. Many times, unexpected changes in one’s life can present the need to seek clarity and […]